, a highly respected CPA firm based in Los Angeles, California, specializes in servicing physicians, their medical practices and their families’ needs. The financial and accounting needs of every doctor, dentist, and veterinarian are different and we customize our services to meet your specific situation.

Tax Returns for Medical Residents

$750 Tax Return for Medical Residents And FellowS

No catches, no hidden fees, no add-ons. The CPAs at Gerber & Co want to help you get your taxes done at the lowest possible cost while providing the highest level of service. We specialize in working with physicians. Accounting and taxes for medical professionals are our specialty.

We understand the cash-tight financial position of housestaff and want to help. What’s the catch, you ask? None. We know that physicians’ may be are financially strapped early in their careers, and we realize that if you have a good relationship with your accountant while you are in training, you may choose to continue that relationship later. But you certainly don’t have to. Try us out! We know you will be satisfied.

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CPA Medical Practice


to Avoid While Preparing a tax return for a medical resident:

  1. Don’t forget to maximize deductions associated with student loans and classes
  2. If you’re moonlighting, make sure you get the necessary city business licenses
  3. Remember to deduct employment relocation fees to the extent allowed.