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Let us illustrate three levels of service which many of our physician clients utilize:

Full Practice Management

For medical providers who do not have the time or energy to micromanage the business side of their practices, we offer full practice management services. We respect that our clients may choose to focus their limited time on seeing patients and practicing medicine and we make it easy to do the rest. We l handle and oversee all accounts payable, human resources (coordinated through Payroll Service), collection services (through the medical billing company of your choice), and monthly reporting. Our state-of-the-art software enables our clients, in real time, to review and approve every disbursement on-line in real-time with the ability to concurrently access books and records.

Our experienced team reviews all bills. We provide weekly cash-flow reports to keep an accurate and near real time pulse on the practice's cash flow. By having Gerber & Company involved in all movements of cash and checks and preparing monthly financials, the physician virtually eliminates the risk of embezzlement, all too common among practices with limited staff. By categorizing all disbursements accurately and appropriately we maximize tax savings while remaining compliant. Our reports go 'beyond beancouting' to reflect critical accounting and non-accounting data. This is exemplified by our unique 'Dashboard' reporting which provides a series of graphics and pie charts to communicate the financial results and contrast to prior periods and with established targets, highlighting areas of concern.

Monthly Write-Up Work

For medical providers who have both the infrastructure to handle the day-to-day collections and disbursements of the firm and the necessary segregation of duties,. Gerber & Co provides an accurate and reliable set of books on a monthly basis. Monthly, within 20 days following the close of each month, the physician receives a report with graphs and charts reflecting critical accounting and non-accounting data.

Annual Taxes

Gerber & Co will prepare your returns. Our unparalleled expertise in this field enables us to offer up a myriad of tax saving suggestions. Our total focus is on pro-active planning, with the goal of saving and deferring taxes wherever possible. Our firm motto sums it up: 'Surprises are for birthdays, not for tax time' ®.

All of Gerber & Co's services are fully customizable to suitthe exact needs and infrastructure of the client. All services arebilled hourly or on a fixed monthly retainer and work is done atthe lowest priced billing rates with competency necessary to getthe task accomplished professionally, yet affordably.

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Surprises are for Birthdays. Not for Tax Time.'

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