California Tax Issues

Tax Assistance to Out-of-State Persons and Corporations

Urgent Notice to Out-of-State Persons and Businesses:

California is Expanding its Net of Taxation

Due to the fiscal crisis, California is aggressively reclassifying people and businesses as California taxpayers. Several state agencies, each with their own unique and complex laws and regulations, have the power to file tax liens, levy bank accounts, and even shut down business for the non-payment of California state taxes.

In addition, the state is chasing all taxpayers who they claim owe the state of California money on past due taxes, regardless of where they are now living. Punishment for failure to file a required California tax return can include criminal prosecution.

Every type of California tax audit has seen a dramatic increase in activity this year:

– The Franchise Tax Board (income tax)
– Employment Development Department  (payroll taxes)
– State Board of Equalization SBE (sales tax).

In this environment, the tax experts at Gerber & Co. urge anyone whose life or business intersects with the State of California to carefully review their complete current tax liability.

Choosing Gerber & Co. CPAs

Who better to trust for resolution of a critical tax matter than a seasoned CPA firm?

– Trust and Track Record
At Gerber & Co., were are intimately familiar with Federal and California Tax matters, and have a solid track record of success.

– Comprehensive Expertise
Our firm provides only seasoned, licensed CPAs. (Other firms may transfer your case to a much less experienced “licensed tax preparer” or “enrolled agent”.)

Two members of the Gerber team hold advanced degrees in taxation, and we have a tax attorney on staff.

– Delivering Value
Our fees are fair and our work is unconditionally guaranteed.

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